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Home Styles: Victorian

Victorians are two to three story homes made of wood or stone exterior. They usually have decorative trim and a steep, asymmetrical shape. They often have a multi-faceted roofs and a one-story porch.

Home Styles: Colonial

There are many styles of Colonials. Their double hung windows, second floor bedrooms and overall symmetry make them easy to spot. Here’s a few of the most popular Colonials and what to look for.

Home Styles: Spanish Mediterranean

Spanish Mediterranean homes usually have low-pitched roofs, white stucco walls, and rounded windows and doors. Scalloped windows and balconies with elaborate grills are easy to identify from far away.

Home Styles: Ranch

Ranches are long, one-story homes with pitched roofs and close-to-the-ground profiles. Most ranches have minimal exterior and interior decoration.

Home Styles: Cottage

Cottages usually have low, hipped, overhanging roofs and are typically one story. Their irregular layout often gives most an unexpected layout spatially and visually.

Home Styles: Bungalow

Bungalows are one to two-story homes with low-pitched gabled roofs and small covered porches at the entry of the house.

Home Styles: Tudor

Tudors have steep pitched roofs, embellished, rounded doorways and patterned brick or stone walls. They also usually have narrow windows and large stone chimneys.

Home Styles: Contemporary-Modern

Contemporary-Modern homes have clean, simple lines, minimal decoration and lots of glass. Contemporary-Moderns usually have open floor plans, oversized windows, and flat rooflines covered in asphalt shingles.